Your accounting partner!

Your accounting partner!

Attitudes towards each client, their work and the world at large are important. Individual approach and professional support according to the specifics of your business.

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Complete bookkeeping and accounting services

Accounting in accordance with the requirements of legislation.

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VAT representation

Registration of VAT in Latvia.

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Partial accounting services

Payroll services.
Preparation of VAT return.
Data entry in a customer accounting system.

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Cloud accountancy

An accountant for a customer having own accounting software.

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ICR consultancy

ICR consultancy for accountants

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Company registration

Legal requirements to register a Limited Liability Company (SIA)
Legal requirements to register a Joint Stock Company (AS)
Legal requirements to register a Branch of a Foreign Company (AKF)

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Advantages of outsourcing accounting serivices

Time saving

It is not necessary to find and hire a suitable candidate for the position of an accountant, to train him. Outsourcing is perfect if you don't want to do it!

Business continuity

No worries in case of an accountant's illness or leave.


Opportunity to adapt to business turnover, paying for it accordingly.
According to the needs of the company, a growing company does not have to worry about increasing or decreasing turnover because it is paid for real work, i.e. time spent.
When starting a business, it is often difficult to calculate the costs associated with employing your own accountant.

Cost effective

The monthly fee, which has been agreed in advance, helps the company to count on it without unpleasant surprises.
The monthly costs of a professional staff accountant for a company starts from 1726.48 EUR!


You have online access to knowledgeable accountants who will give you the answer.


We can create special reports in the required format for the company's management.

Integrated solution

We can work with the financial model you have created, providing a fully integrated service. We can provide training for your employees to perform the necessary accounting functions.

No missed deadlines!

Why choose Birojs BBP?

Why choose Birojs BBP?

We are professionals who provide personalized, timely and effective solutions, serving each client individually!
The attitude towards each client, towards your work and towards the world in general is important!
In today's challenging and competitive environment, we understand that companies and each client individually need help in both accounting and other matters. We understand that accounting is not exciting for everyone, but we are really happy with what we do and the clients we work with.
We will be glad if you choose Birojs BBP!
See what makes us different!


Individual approach

Effective solutions